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Temporary anti-corrosion treatment which must be removed before using for the first time.
Use with gas or open fire.

Boil water in the pan for a few minutes. Wash and dry immediately afterwards. Never leave to air-dry.
The product is now ready to use; oil the pan all over to prepare it to better withstand the heat when cooking.
If you are not going to use the product straight away, lightly oil the inside and outside and keep it wrapped in paper inside a plastic bag.
Keep in a dry place.
Never place the pan on the heat when empty. Monitor the heat intensity at all times.
If using in the oven, do not exceed a temperature of 250º C (º F) nor a duration of 10 minutes. For oven use, we recommend enamelled products.
Never use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.

This product does not have a non-stick surface so that it is quite possible for food remains to become stuck. The easiest way to remove these is to fill the receptacle with soapy water and leave for not more than 30 minutes. Then wash thoroughly with detergent and hot water, dry immediately afterward and oil the pan and keep it in a dry place until next time you use it.
When clean, lightly oil the receptacle both inside and out and keep it wrapped in paper inside a plastic bag in a dry, safe place.
Note: Oiling the pans, may lead to rust. Rust is not a quality problem but consequence of poor maintenance.
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