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WOLL professional cast products are robust and hardwearing. The patented hard-base coating makes the frying surface extremely resistant to cutting and abrasion. If small scratch marks should appear on the surface, the product can still be used without any concerns – and without affecting its cooking and frying properties or your health. WOLL professional cast products are PFOA-free.

Depending on what you are cooking, choose an oil or fat which will withstand the desired cooking temperature. Fats and oils have different levels of stability when heated; we also talk about the smoke point, in other words the temperature at which the fat starts to burn, which becomes apparent as smoke develops. When cooking at high temperatures, for example for searing meat or when preparing vegetables in a wok, then cooking fats and oils with a high smoke point are especially recommended:
• refined safflower oil (smoke point 266 °C)
• refined – and often also referred to as “pure” – olive oil (smoke point 242 °C)
• refined colza oil – also strongly recommended by nutritionists (smoke point 240 °C)
• refined sunflower, coconut, corn, soya or groundnut oil (220 – 230 °C)
• palm kernel oil (220 °C) For gentle roasting, for example for fish or chicken breasts, or for preparing pan-roasted dishes such as roast potatoes or breaded dishes, the most suitable fats or oils are:
• grape seed oil (190 – 210 °C)
• concentrated butter (clarified butter; up to 205 °C)
• extra virgin olive oil (up to 190 °C) Butter and margarine can tolerate heat of around 160 °C and are often used in the preparation of egg and flour-based or breaded dishes, or for gently sweating vegetables.

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