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The Smarttouch Induction Cooktop:

The speed, the precision temperature control, the cool cooktop surface. The Smarttouch Induction Cooktop has it all.
Sleek and compact, the Smarttouch Induction Cooktop incorporates 4 variable wattages and 8 temperature settings. Perfect for home but also completely portable.

he secret lies in magnetic conversion technology. Tightly wound conductive coils generate precise magnetic energy that instantly and evenly heats your cookware. There are no cold spots, no hot spots, just perfect cooking every time – whether its steak, chicken, lamb or pork. Fresh seafood or those delicious garden greens.

Smarttouch Induction Cooktop also makes the ideal summer BBQ cooker. Windy days and total fire bans are a thing of the past. Simply place a BBQ Griddle plate on the Smarttouch Induction Cooktop and grill away.

What makes Ecoheat different from the others?

There are many portable induction cookers on the market, but Ecoheat is unique. It’s RV specific design delivers maximum performance both on and off road.

Robust surface.
Variable power sources.
BBQ friendly.

Smarttouch induction:

Robust Cooktop Surface
Unlike all other cookers, Ecoheat is made of toughened German in vitro laminated glass. This robust toughened cooktop surface withstands those unexpected knocks and bumps so often encountered when travelling.

Flexible Power Options
Most induction cookers have a default wattage of 12500 watts, rendering them useless when travelling unless 240 volts is available. Ecoheats unique default setting of 500 watts enables you to use the cooker in conjunction with a 2kva generator or 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter. The wattage is variable from 1000 , 1500 to 1800 watts making it ideal for home use as well.

BBQ Function
Unlike all other induction cookers, Ecoheats built in BBQ function allows you to safely place a stainless steel or cast iron BBQ plates on its cooktop surface for hours on end. The resilient toughened invitro glass cooktop and 2 speed heat extraction fan means gas bottle free barbecuing anywhere, anytime, even in a total fire ban. And those windy days that blow gas out … theyre a thing of the past.

Things you will love about Ecoheat:

Instant Heat
Ecoheat cooks food twice as fast as gas and three times quicker than electricity.

Even Heat Distribution
Ecoheat cooks food evenly, no hot or cold spots, no matter what the conditions, indoors or outdoors.

Precision Temperature Control
Thats why chefs love Ecoheat. Temperatures are precise and instant ensuring meals cook to perfection.

Its So Safe
Ecoheats exposed surface remains cool to the touch making it safe to handle and put away as soon as cooking has been completed.

Easy Cleaning
Since an induction cooktop seldom gets very hot, food doesn’t burn onto it. This means a splatter, a spill or a pasta-sauce pop calls for a quick swipe of the sponge, not a good, long scrub.

Very user Friendly:
Select from
500Watts Simmer 60°C-90°C
1000Watts Boil 100°C
1500Watts Cook 120°C - 200°C
1800Watts BBQ 200°C

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