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Attracts and removes a wide variety of flying bugs and insects within a range of 50 to 100 square metres using blue/black fluorescent lights.

Commercial quality

Sturdy aluminium construction with a stylish, electrolysis-treated finish and on/off switch.
Wide coverage

Blue/black light fluorescent tubes attract insects across a range of 50 to 100 square metres.
Low maintenance

Simply remove and empty the waste tray as needed.

Extruded plastic inner with plastic coated safety guards made to CE standards of quality.

Chrome plated hanging chain and black ABS fixtures.

2 x 10W (Tube)
220 - 240V
2.9 Kg
395mm(w) x 118mm(d) x 400mm(h)

Subject: Insect killer information relating to scores with HACCP
If used, insect light traps (ILTs), electrical fly killers (EFKs) or pheromone traps should be regularly cleaned
out (kept free from a build-up of insects and debris). Sticky type ILTs should be monitored at least monthly
and the sticky board replaced if ineffective. ILTs that use sticking as opposed to zapping methods (EFKs) are
??If used, insect light traps or electric fly killers should not be placed above or in close proximity (10 feet, 3
meters) to product, food contact surfaces, equipment, or packaging material. Electric fly killers or insect light
traps should not be located above dock doors (due to potential forklift damage) or in front of doorways (so
attracting insects into the facility). Hallways or dock areas where product passes through are exempt from
these distances, as long as product does not stop or is not stored in hallway or dock.
??If used, insect light trap bulbs should be replaced at least every 12 months (this should be recorded), or as
more frequently if directed by manufacturers.
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We will accept return of merchandise ONLY IF IN SALEABLE CONDITION and notification is within 7 days of receipt .We will Issue Credit to your account or Credit Card in Australian dollars. For unwanted merchandise the cost of return shipping shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Damaged or Incorrect Merchandise
We will, upon your request, replace any merchandise that is received in damaged condition or as a result of a picking error. No material will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise. Filing of claims will be our responsibility.