Due to the ongoing lockdowns in NSW we are experiencing considerable delays in deliveries to both NSW and some parts of Southern Queensland which are beyond our control.
 Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Registry FAQ's

How much does it cost?            
Our gift registry service is free of charge. In fact, you will receive a 10% rebate in the form of a gift card for you to use in store when we deliver your gifts! So if $1000 is spent on gifts for you to fill up your kitchen, you will receive an extra $100 from Chef’s Hat just for choosing us!

How much notice do you need?    
We recommend setting up your registry prior to sending out your invitations. This enables you to provide your guests with ample time to decide on a gift, and you can include a registry insert with the invite.

Do you supply invitation inserts?   
Yes, we will provide gift registry inserts with a small message that you can enclose in your invitation. These are complimentary no matter how many you require. If you are setting up your registry after you have sent out the invites, we can email you a copy to forward to all of your guests with a direct link to your registry.

Are the gifts wrapped?                
Yes we wrap all gifts with care and include a small card enclosed with a message from the purchaser. 

Will we receive a list of what has been purchased for us and who have purchased each item?
A special congratulations letter will be delivered with your gifts. Enclosed will be a complete list of all items purchased from your registry and who purchased them, a table of the total spend amount, and your 10% gift card to use in-store on your next visit! 

Do we pick up the gifts or can they be delivered to us?
You can do both. We offer free delivery within the Melbourne city fringe, Monday to Friday. This is generally after the event and will be arranged with your consultant. If this does not suit or if you prefer, you can pick up your gifts from our store in South Melbourne 7 days a week.

Can we add or remove items from the registry after it is set up?
Yes, all you need to do is call up your registry consultant here at Chef’s Hat and they will happily update it for you. Please bear in mind you may be limited to availability of stock depending on how far off the due date the registry is. 

What happens if we receive a faulty item?
If you happen to find one of the items you receive is faulty or doesn’t meet your satisfaction, we will happily replace it or provide a replacement product to the same value. But you won’t have any receipts you ask?.. Not a problem, all you need to do is contact your registry consultant. They will have everything you received on a file and can arrange a solution to any issue that may arise.

How many gifts should we choose?
We have no limits to the size of our registries, so you can add as little or as many items as you like to your list, but we recommend that if you times your number of guests (or invites) by 1.2, then your registry will supply your guests with ample options to choose from. 

What happens if an item is out of stock?
If an item purchased is out of stock we will place an order for it with our supplier and deliver it as soon as it arrives in-store. If we are no longer able to source the product we will issue you with a Chef’s Hat credit which you can use at your leisure to purchase another item of your choosing.